Hair salons offer a variety of therapies – one of which relates to the colouring and re-colouring of hair. Although this treatment can be undertaken at home, these solutions often rely on low quality formulas that can fade and deteriorate over time. Permanent colourings as offered by salons on the other hand, will typically use advanced formulas that have been tested and prepared for industrial purposes.

Although many people prefer to visit salons and have their colouring treatments taken care of by professionals, there are ways to prepare your hair ahead of time. This can help to reduce the amount of time that you’ll need to be in a salon – as well as potentially minimising your costs on the day.

The first thing that you can do is to wash your hair using an organic shampoo at home. Avoid anything that uses over 50% perfume as this can add an extra layer of oil to your hair (which can result in a lighter colour once it has been applied). A hair stylist will ask for information relating to the last time that you washed your hair – and if you can aim to do so the night before your therapy, they may be able to bypass the washing altogether.

Secondly, you will want to ensure that all oils (natural ones included) are removed from your hair and the best way to do this is by conditioning your follicles with a water-based conditioner. The 50% perfume rule still applies, in fact if you can purchase an oil-free conditioner then this can offer even greater results. Oil can affect the way in which colour is able to be absorbed by follicles and so the less that is present, the more consistent the results can be.

Another thing to try before visiting your local hair salon, is to blow dry your hair with a low to moderate temperate (between 20 and 35 degrees). This can help to evaporate any remaining oil, as well as remove traces of dirt and debris that may have remained behind during the washing and conditioning phases.