Licensed electricians carry out many different tasks, however everything they do is crucial for the maintenance of both residential and commercial buildings. The regular duties of an electrician include rewiring buildings (or areas of buildings), installing or replacing electrical fixtures and installing new wiring. Using their considerable knowledge, they ought be able to rectify any issues associated with electrical systems in buildings. In addition, electricians sometimes offer guidance on other problems that may have to be addressed, if they are making properties unsafe – like fire risks. Usually, electricians will recommend other certified contractors (such as plumbers), if the problem they are contacted about is unrelated to their specialisation.

All residential homes are linked to a source of electrical power, enabling the occupants to use appliances, lights, computers and warm water heaters, etc. For this to occur though, wires have to be installed through the walls of properties to link outlets to breaker boxes, and breaker boxes to external sources of power. The electrician’s role is to install breaker boxes, run wires through properties, and ensure that properties are prepared for power companies to connect them to the electricity mains outside.

While properties are being constructed, electricians are a key part of the process. They install conduit inside the walls, so they are suitable for electric wires to be run through them. Also, if properties are having cooling and heating systems built into them, electricians fit piping and vents to use with these systems. Once properties are constructed, electricians install light bulbs and fit electric sockets, so that electrical devices can be plugged in. Furthermore, special circuits might be fitted for appliances that use a lot of power, like heaters and stoves.

One task that homeowners often hire electricians for is to install outside electrical fixtures, like outdoor lights and plug sockets. Installing these types of fixtures carries its’ own particular risks, because the task can be hazardous even if the weather is good. A certified electrician will make sure that all fixtures are properly waterproofed and safe for residents to use and be around, irrespective of what time of year it is.