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Well Trained DogThese days, it’s important more than ever to train your dog to be obedient. Whether your canine companion is small or big, young or old, smooth furred or hairy, all dogs can benefit if they’re enrolled for some kind of obedience training.  Even basic level dog training will help you have a happy, well-behaved and well-socialized dog.

Basic dog training commands


Stand and hold something in your hand, in front of your dog’s nose.

Say “sit” while moving the treat up, toward his head.

When you do this, the dog’s rear end should naturally move into a sit. Otherwise, you can push his rear gently down when you issue the “sit” command next time.

Praise and give him treats when he masters how to sit. Practice this a few times daily.

Leave it

Have your dog sit.

Place a toy or treat straight in front of him.

Say “leave it” while keeping your hand near the object.

If he tries to catch it, cover the item with your hand(s) and repeat the command.

Remove your hand(s) and wait for a few seconds.

Praise your dog. Repeat this daily and increase the time he should leave the toy or treat.

Watch me

Get your dog’s attention and let him see a treat you’re holding.

Gently lift it toward your forehead while saying “watch me”.

Eventually get your dog to “watch you” just by commanding him and lifting your empty hand to your forehead.


Sit your dog down facing you with a 4-6 foot leash on while holding something in your hand.

Get his attention by saying “Watch me”.

Slightly squat down, pat your thighs then say “come”

Gently pull your dog toward you, with your hands above him

Reward him with treat and praise. Practice this for at least 1 week and then, in a confined area like your yard, start commanding him without the leash.

Why obedience dog training is important

Basic obedience dog training makes life easier for your dog and removes confusion. Your pet will understand what’s right and wrong and will know his place. Dogs really seem to love and thrive on commands.

You will have a happy, confident and relaxed dog that you can take wherever you wish and will be a joy to be around. Your dog can also get greater freedom, as he will be more responsible when you train him to be obedient.

It’s rewarding and fun for both your dog and you.

You gain mutual respect and trust with your beloved pet. Your dog understands what you expect from him and recognizes that you’ll always be fair as well as consistent with him.

Dog obedience training fulfills some essential needs in your pet’s life such as exercise, mental stimulation, as well as spending time around you and giving him a “job”.

A dog or puppy trained for obedience is much safer. If your dog rushes out of the front door you’ll still be able control him through basic voice commands like “come”, “down”, “leave it”, or “sit”. This is so reassuring for you.

Dog training for obedience is a step-by-step process which is built on over time. It provides your dog with a solid foundation to learn more training commands and skills. Throughout the process, your dog will gain a lot of confidence.

When you train your dog to be obedient, he’ll be okay around family, kids and friends under supervision.

Dog obedience training significantly reduces the chances of being involved in a power struggle with your canine companion. You will be his firm and always just leader, who he will respect and rely upon for guidance.

5 Tips To Buy Lingerie Online

Buying lingerie online is an excellent option for women. Not only is there a wider range of styles available than in your local stores, but the prices are also competitive. There are a lot of lingerie products available online these days. So what do you need to keep in mind while shopping for lingerie online? Here are some tips to help you buy online.

Know your size – Your choice of the right inner wear will depend on your body frame. These days, no matter what your size is, you are sure to find something that would fit you. So, as a first step, figure out if you are thin framed or a plus size. Once you know this, you can search accordingly. Also, take into account your taste in undergarments – are you comfortable in your own skin or are you a little conservative with your lingerie? Knowing this will help you narrow down your search.

What is the occasion? – Different occasions demand different types of lingerie. Everyday undergarments can be worn for everyday situations such as work, visiting friends and family etc. A sexy lingerie is more apt when out on a date with your special someone. There are also many different kinds of innerwear available to spice up your bedroom time with your beloved.

Be descriptive – When searching for that sexy piece of lingerie online, be very descriptive. If you want a red lace babydoll, do not just type babydoll – that will bring up millions of results in the web. Instead, be as specific as you can to stand a better chance of finding what you are looking for.

Do some research – When buying online it is always helpful to read reviews of people who have already used the product. You cannot just rely on the picture of the lingerie as displayed in the website to guide you to buying something nice. So make sure to read what people have to say about the product. If there are no feedback mentioned in the site, write to the company and ask them whatever you want to know about the product.

Compare prices – To get the best deal, make sure to do some comparison shopping. Check what different manufacturers are offering for the same item. However, do not always believe that the cheapest option is the best – quality is also important. Also, some companies show a lower price in the website but when you add the shipping costs, the price might be the same as others or maybe even higher.

Some of the popular lingerie choices available at Masquerade Lingerie include chemises, basques and corsets, babydolls, body stockings, thongs, G-string panties, stockings, and garters and suspender belts among several others. While buying, keep in mind that choosing uncomfortable and cheap lingerie may not have the desired effects. Therefore, browse plenty of undergarments before picking the right piece.

While shopping online, it is important to know about the return policies of the company. If the piece that you have bought does not fit you, or is damaged in some way, it is necessary to know if you can send it back. It is best to stay away from sites that do not allow customers to return goods.

With so many manufacturers selling their ware online, finding a lovely piece of lingerie should not be a problem at all. Keep these tips in mind for a great buy.

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and choosing the right gift can be a task, especially for busy people. For some, it is a challenge to find something special and unique without breaking one’s piggy bank or using his or her credit card. It can be an ongoing dilemma each year for those who want to make their mothers feel extra special and for that, it is best to look at options that do not require too much time, budget or thinking.

Of course, it is impossible to get something totally effortless. Anyone who wants to give a perfect gift should take at least some time to do some planning to get the right stuff together. A good suggestion would be to shop for gift hampers which can be easily customized for any occasion such as Mother’s Day. There are various ideas which one can do to gift hampers and here are some.

Basket of Memories

Gift-Baskets-ImageFor those who love collecting keepsakes such as photos, notes, old candy wrappers, dried flowers and such, creating a basketful of memories can be a great gift for Mother’s Day. One can create a collage out of the memorabilia and put a note in a bottle to give a more melodramatic effect. Placing colorful ribbons and trappings outside of the basket can also add more life to this gift.

Detox Basket

Mother’s Day is one of the few days in a year when most moms can take a rest. Apart from greeting them or giving them a card, a basket filled with healthy foodstuffs can help them bust their stresses. Fresh salad ingredients, a small cookbook and a thoughtful note can surely brighten up any mother on her special day.

Inspirational Basket

Mothers are known to be inspirational and warm. Many people refer to their moms as sources of light and wisdom. An inspirational basket can be another good gift idea especially for mothers who like to read motivational quotes and other resources. Creating an inspirational basket is easy since there is plenty of uplifting books and bookmarks in the market today. A basket filled with personalized poetry can be a great idea, too.

These are just some ideas that people can try when it comes to creating their own gift baskets. On the other hand, gift hampers are not limited to people who want to make presents from scratch. There are lots of wonderful ready-made gift hampers, too. Various kinds of gift hampers are now available to cater to the needs of those who want to make their friends and loved-ones special with simple yet unique gifts. Gift hampers can be customized depending on the choice of colors, occasion and other things that one may think of.